London : My Impromptu Journey at Camden ‘Punk Rock’ Town

(by: Rosye Beadle)

I am a fan of jazz, funk, acid and rock music. Therefore while I was in London city I didn’t forget to have a self-guided music tour with my husband. I have also heard there is an interesting town with a strong musical reputation that is called Camden, which forms part of Inner London.

An Impromptu Journey

Yes, I had an impromptu journey in London! We extended our visit in London for a couple of days more and chose to stay in Camden Lock with a desire to found out more about this music town. Beside that the hotel had a friendly price. Sounds good, isn’t it? ,photo : RosyeBe Photography photo by : RosyeBe Photography

Look What I Found

When I was walking along the Camden High Street, I felt like I was surrounded by rock fans. However according to the music history of this town, Rock is not the only strength, it is also the venue of various music. It is no surprise that MTV Europe is based in this town.

follow : ,photo : RosyeBe Photography

Talking about fashion, There is no doubt that Punk Rock fashion is the dominant style of this town, but my eyes were also indulged by Vintage and Retro style in Camden Market. I was quite surprised for the 50’s,70’s and 80’s fashion that still have their own fans as I saw number of enthusiastic buyers in that market. ,photo : RosyeBe Photography

Gastronomy adventurer may spend longer hours here as there are loads of food stalls that serve international foods in an open-air area. I had a Japanese lunch at the first day at Camden Lock, and then a Mexican food at the second day at Camden Market.


A little tip, while I was visiting this town, I preferred bring no precious things in my bag. By the way, nothing bad happened when we were there.

As there were loads of open-air cafes, bars and restaurants near the hotel where we stayed, so I heard a music instrument was still playing at 12 am. Anyway it didn’t bother me to continue sleeping because we have walked almost nonstop in Camden. I had fun as I expected.*rb-Aug2015

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Giethoorn – A Rustic Atmosphere in Netherlands

(by : Rosye Beadle)

It was warm and nice when I arrived at Schiphol airport on mid July. I spent several interesting days in Amsterdam, but wait! I got an invitation from my lovely friend to visit her in Zwolle. She texted me that we would visit Giethoorn as well. A spontaneous journey, why not? Interesting!

This is my short note of a countryside that is called Giethoorn in Netherlands. It is located in the municipality of Steenwijkerland, Overijissel province and about 30 km from Zwolle. I started the journey from Amsterdam Central Station. It took nearly seventy-five minutes by train to reach Zwolle from Amsterdam. From Zwolle then we travelled by car which took about 25 minutes to Giethoorn., photo by: RosyeBe photography, photo by: RosyeBe photography

My first impression of this village was, I wanted to go camping if I could!  We walked along the small country road and sometimes there were a herd of cows on the right or on the left side of this car free road. I then saw the row of unique thatched-roof farmhouses and numerous wooden bridges after a five minutes walked from the gate. Several houses are covered by vines. Those houses and the unique wooden bridges stand gracefully while boats and canoes are passing over and over again through the waterways. What a very picturesque village!, photo by: RosyeBe photography

A couple of times we had to cross over a less than a meter width wooden bridge that we should share with the bicycles when we heard the ringing bells behind our back🙂

We couldn’t help to not having a picture at this spot as well.

Last but not least while we were enjoying the summer breeze, we didn’t forget to chill out in a cozy floating cafe there. Seriously, I successfully didn’t touch my cellphone for hours when I was in this village!

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Fruits and Vegetables Market as a Weekend Theraphy

(by : Rosye Beadle)

Visiting Dubai Fruits and Vegetables Market

There is no doubt that fruits and vegetables provide so many advantages for human body. Not only is a healthy food/diet, but also help to reduce some diseases. In my experience it was more than that. It’s been a quite long ago since I visited such a huge fruits & vegetables market. So on weekend I decided to visit Dubai fruits and vegetables market. I often passed this market anyway, but never stopped by. Finally I made it. It was my fun number one. By the way it is located in Ras Al Khor industrial area, about a couple kilometres from Dragon Mart.

Fun number two, The place is huge with various options of fruits and vegetables for wholesale and some retail. My third fun, the prices are cheaper than at supermarkets. Perfect!  I felt like I was at home, buying fruits and vegetables with friendly price. Which is in Dubai, friendly or cheap price is quite difficult to find.

Anyone who wants to buy loads of fruits or vegetables do not have to worry as there are men with carts who offer their service to accompany buyers while shopping with some tip as a pay back. There were sellers that display their price list and some were not. I preferred to visit them with price lists on.

paid less than AED160 for all of these
paid less than AED160 for all of these

As considerations, they sell in a medium to large box/bag of fruits and vegetables, to be honest consume them not more than a couple of weeks. Anyway before I started shopping, I browsed the whole block (one retail block) twice, which was good for me. Be ready with small amount of money such as AED5, AED10 and AED20. Buying fruits which unwrapped by plastic ease us to check the possibility of the unqualified one. Communicate in simple way while buying/bargaining.

Seems like it is one of my weekend therapy. I hope this is useful especially for expats in Dubai

visit & follow :
visit & follow :

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How Many Seconds Can You Look at These Clothes? (Fashion Forward 2015)

(by: Rosye Beadle)

This weekend I spent my time to attend Fashion Forward season 5, 2015 in Dubai. I was expecting to see the creativities of young designers then I found several of them were very interesting and made me stare longer. Several designs were simple but showed slightly different in details. Talking about trends, It seems fashionistas, especially ladies in UAE are facing a bigger choices than ever before. Either in color combinations, style and accesories. Between the show I also attended one of the fashion talk which shared some informations of window display in digital era. Generally the shows in FF season 5 were interesting, however the lightings in some shows were quite disturbing that faded away the colors during the fashion shows.

Get a closer look at some pictures that I took.

Couture (photo :
Couture by Jean L. Sabaji (photo :
Monochrome from various designers in Fahion Forward 2015 (photo :
Monochrome by various designers in Fashion Forward 2015 shows (photo :
I did not forget to take selfie picture at FF season 5 :)
a selfie at Fashion Forward season 5, wearing a tie dye Batik Indonesia

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My Fashion Notes from Dubai World Cup 2015

(by : Rosye Beadle )

Beside the races and horses, fashion is one of very interesting thing in Dubai World Cup. On 28th March,2015 I had another chance to attend the Dubai World Cup and the Jaguar Style stakes. Dress to impress is all part of the event itself. There are several requirements of fashion in this event, such as should be elegant, respectful and stylish. Especially if attendees want to join the Jaguar Style Stakes.

There were hundreds of fashion-concious competed for the top honours at the Jaguar Style Stakes, the British luxury carmaker that has been hosting this event for the past five years. The fashion contestants were adjudged by an exceptional panel of judges from Jaguar representative, desainers and stylish from UAE, Dom Bagnato (senior designer from Australia) and Aaron Kwok (singer,actor & Longines ambassador of elegance). The categories were Best dress lady, Best Hat, Most creative hat, Best dress man, Best dress couple and Most elegant lady.

This year I had the opportunity to join two categories, Best hat and Best dress lady. It took me three weeks to decide and then modified my fascinator by myself. I didn’t expect much as there were so many unique and beautiful headpieces in the arena, some were designed by top millineries designers , but surprisingly panel of judges chose my hat as one of Best Hat finalist on Jaguar Style Stakes 2015.

Regarding the competitions,  I loved seeing loads of creativities in that arena.

Here are some pictures from 20th Dubai World Cup and Jaguar Style Stakes 2015

Various hats & fascinators in Jaguar Style arena were ready to join the competition of Best hat and Most creative hat category.
me as Best Hat Finalist on Jaguar Style Stakes 2015/69 Trend Print Dubai Worldcup2015- AHLAN fashion &lifestyle magazine version
in Massimo Dutti studio DWC2015 (fr AHLAN fashion &lifestyle magazine) –

Check the links below : Juries on Jaguar Style Stake 2015
Judges on Jaguar Style Stakes 2015
Trend Print  (AHLAN Fashion &lifestyle magazine version) -
Trend Print (AHLAN fashion &lifestyle magazine version) –

Check the link below :

On GulfNews TV

Kylie Minoque and one of her style on stage at Dubai World Cup 2015


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UAE : Inside The Burj Al Arab

(by : Rosye Beadle)

Last February I had a chance to attend a fashion show event at the first 7s stars hotel, The Burj Al Arab in Dubai. It is said that Burj Al Arab is the world’s most luxurious hotel. Several times I had events close to this hotel and I would not miss to take picture of the hotel from a different angle. Finally I decided to overcome my curiosity for how interesting this 1053 foot high building from inside.


The building is located in a man-made island, Jumeirah. I had to cross a white bridge to enter the hotel. Just after I entered the hotel lobby, I was completely sure that I wouldn’t be disappointed as my eyes were indulged by the interesting modern architecture. It’s so unique and how luxurious? It was answered by the real gold plated interiors.


After I browsed at first floor, I went to the second floor. There were restaurants, luxury boutiques and more gold things to be captured with my little camera. Then I moved to upper floor that was Al Falak ballroom. The design is inspired by the 18th century Vienna opera house style. One word, Stunning!




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Photography Tips for Beginner (photographers & bloggers)

(by : Rosye Beadle)

Today I would like to share some  photography tips for beginner camera user and bloggers

Let’s find out things about basic photography, There are 3 guys we need to know :

1. ISO :  the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light. When the condition is too dark,                 set to higher ISO. When the condition is very dark use camera flash.

2.Aperture : or an opening, It controls the area over which light can enter your camera

3.Shutter speed : let me make this simple, the slower the shutter speed, the longer the exposure                 time.  Shutter speeds are showed in  fractions of a second. Such as 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/80,                  1/125 etc.

Another important thing is focus, it helps to produce clearest picture of the object. The camera can also have a limited focusing range. On some cameras this is indicated by symbols. Make sure your focus point is on the object.

What kind of Camera to use?

Either pocket camera or DSLR (digital single-lens reflect) .  I often use Nikon DLSR and Canon SX280HS

What program can be used for editing?

There are many options of photo editing, the simple one is Canva especially for blogger (hobbies,style,lifestyle,food,etc) and its free. If you want to challenge your creativity skill, photoshop editing is worth to try (for example adobe photoshop CS6 or CS7). I prefer not to do extreme editing so it shows more natural photoworks of mine.

sample editing with photoshop/
sample editing with photoshop/
sample editing with Canva/
sample editing with Canva/

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A Guide to Living in Dubai

(by : Rosye Beadle)

Hi readers,

This is the second second year I have resided in Dubai. I would like to share some tips of living in Dubai. If any of you plan to stay in Dubai, these informations might help you to find loads about the city.

Transportation, Dubai has Metro which can be reached from stations at many locations. Another moda transportations are bus, taxi and the new one is called Dubai tram. Just get a Nol card at any Metro station for AED20 as a start, it is also used to pay the bus and tram. Try a traditional boat to accross the creek with AED1 only.

Shopping, there are many shopping centres in Dubai. It is one of the fashion hub in the world. One of them is Dubai mall which lies next to Burj Khalifa. Many minimarkets are available in residence areas. Several local online shopping can be found in Dubai, some of them offers cheaper price than in store, some offers just the same price as in store. It is one of interesting way to shop, but need to be careful before purchase, read  their policies carefully and check the company credibility. Sometimes the idea of what they call costumer service or helpdesk is not really a help. Waiting for the shopping discount festival is a trick to get cheaper goods in stores, usually during January.

How to dress, what you need is a summer clothing to wear. Sometimes a scarf or a light jacket is needed when walking around in a mall especially in the evening. The Emiratis wear national dress, they are Abaya (for women) and Khandura (for men). In many areas you can find signs to dress approriately as the rule is to cover your shoulders and knees.

Food, At the beginning I thought it would be difficult for me to find food that could indulge my tongue and stomach. Surprisingly various international food can be found easily in Dubai, such as haute cuisine,fast food, and home made food. Lately I am in love with Arabian food🙂  So in my experience there is no issue to get delicious food in Dubai. If you like to drink alcohol, it is available in hotels and bars. It can not be found easily at many places. There are lots of restaurants offer discount for friday brunch.

Pray community, It is not difficult to find the pray community , such as for Christian, Hindu or Buddha in Dubai. Usually the places can be found through website.

Weather, the hottest climate in Dubai is during August. It could reach 51 degree celcius. Often people are advised to refrain from outdoor activities during this month.  October to June are the good time to explore and walk around the city.

Small thing but important, have a sunglasses, hat, sunblock.


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Thailand : My Deal in Thailand

(by : Rosye Beadle)

When people want to relax, they might prefer a quiet place. I could say crowds were my daily bread, as my usual journey to and from my office was always accompanied with hustle.   I filled my head with confidence that the crowds would vanish soon on my next holiday. Funny enough, I travelled to Bangkok, Thailand. Would I get my peace and quiet? No, the holiday time that I was dreaming to spend away from the crowds was changed.

Well, It was ok. I thought; let’s have a holiday with peace in mind. When my spouse and I arrived  in Bangkok it was early in the day prior to the hotel checked in time, so we waited in the hotel’s restaurant with a nice view just on the banks of the Chao Phraya river, a major river in Thailand.  While we sat, I checked the tourist destinations map and we planned our tourist expeditions to the main attractions.  We also discovered that from our hotel we could use the river transport to reach many of the interesting spots and temples in an effortless way.  We could avoid all the road traffic. Deal! photo by : RosyeBe Photography

The first time I stepped down to the boat, I was attacked by a small bout of nervousness. It was not because of the large numbers of people who were in line to board the boats that worried me, but the people who already squeezed on the boat making it seem overladen.

After overcoming my nervousness, the journey on the river boat to each dock along the river and temples was fun. Actually for me this was the real journey. I soaked in the originality. On disembarking at several of the docks we had to pass through simple traditional markets to reach the tourist attractions.  We took the time to taste the coconut water from a small coconut shell. There were lots of palm fruits displayed at the market, asking to be consumed.

Talking about Thai food, I enjoyed Tom Kha Kai (chicken in coconut soup) and seafood fried rice that was served in a pineapple.

One of the must see attraction to visit in Bangkok is The Grand Palace which is located in the heart of Bangkok. It is the biggest complex of historical buildings in the city.  In walking around the complex I felt a great sense of the historical development of Thailand. We also visited several temples in Bangkok. I was captivated by the beautiful architecture of the temples.  Each of them has its unique style. One of the temples I visited was Wat Po -The temple of the reclining Buddha. I remember when I was in that temple I stared longingly at the enormous reclining Buddha statue that is made of gold. It is the biggest gold Buddha statue I’ve ever seen.

The third day, we left Bangkok and flew to Kamala Beach, Phuket. I finally had my quiet time. At the beach I could still see a little part of the beach that was damaged by the Tsunami in 2004, but most of the beach was repaired. To reach the public beach from our hotel, they took us in a wooden Tuk Tuk. We followed the up and down roads. Try the shaky effect! When we reached the beach I was taken a back by the beautiful panorama. Just don’t forget to put on the sunblock! (rb14)

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What I wore : Jumpsuit and High heels

(by : Rosye Beadle)

One of outfit I like to wear is jumpsuit. Especially in summer time. I feel taller when I wear it. At the moment  the average weather in Dubai is about 81f to 84f in the morning and raises into 106f in mid day, but it does not mean I can not wear various style outfits instead of shirt and shorts. So I choose the breathable and lightweight fabrics.

With jumpsuit I can pair with sandal for summer chic, to get the elegant look I wear high heels. In this picture I’m wearing a monochrome sleeveless jumpsuit that made from smooth lightweight fabric and a four inches high heels (inspired by Beyonce). I accessorize with a gold chain-pearl necklace and gold stud earings. I tie my medium lenght hair and put it on one side. Of course I never forget my aviator sunglasses for this summer.  *rb-July 2014

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